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Using this facility you can quickly search and display your equipment data using your mobile devices camera*.
It will utilise the QR codes / barcodes available on your analysis reports, sample bottle labels, or Equipment labels (all available for download in webECHO) .

You can attach the labels/reports to your equipment (where not otherwise prohibited), or store them in a convenient location to allow you to quickly scan.


1. Scan the QR code directly using a compatible App on your device.

QR Code

2. You will be asked if you wish to access the URL.

If you are already logged into webECHO, nothing further is required. If you are not, you will be required to enter your login details.

a. If you are using the QR code on a Sample report or an Equipment label, you will be taken directly to that Equipments page.

Equipment Detail

b. If you are using a QR code on a Kit ticket, you will be taken to the sample submission page with the ticket number and/or Equipment selected.

Sample Subsmission


1. Once logged into webECHO, click/tap the 'Scan Barcode...' button at the top of the page to activate your camera.

Scan Barcode

2. Scan the barcode from a report or label and upload it automatically into webECHO.

Report Barcode

3. Your equipment will be identified and shown in detail view for you to edit or analyse.

Equipment Detail

*A compatible device, with a suitable camera and sufficient Internet connection is required.

If you have a request for a new feature, or any questions on current ones, contact the team for further information.