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Now you can create more detailed graphical comparisons of your test results and also compare 2 tests/elements directly.

1. From the dashboard, quickly see a direct shortcut in the links area to the Distribution screen.


2. Clicking this link will show the criteria available for a distribution of a test/elements results to be created.
You can select the test/element required, how its results will be rounded/grouped and what samples should be included.
The graph will show the number the results along the horizontal axis and the number of samples for each group on the vertixal axis.


3. If you select 2 tests/elements then their test results will be plotted against each other in a scatter graph.
One test/elements results will be shown on the horizontal axis and the test result for the same sample of the other test/element will be shown on the vertical axis.


If you have a request for a new feature, or any questions on current ones, contact the team for further information.